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AutoCAD 24.2 Civil 3D  Crack Full Product Key

AutoCAD 24.2 Civil 3D Crack Full Product Key









AutoCAD 24.2


Autodesk AutoCAD includes a set of documentation, also known as a CAD User's Guide. The documentation is designed to help users become familiar with using AutoCAD. The documentation is also used as a resource to help technical support staff.

AutoCAD and the documentation are available in several languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, Korean, and Russian.


First released in December 1982, AutoCAD was the first standalone computerized drafting application. The initial release of AutoCAD was limited to the AutoCAD 850 graphics terminal. This original version was a dedicated CAD workstation, not a general-purpose desktop application. This application was developed by Dandelion Software, who also developed the first commercial 3D CAD software package, Sculpt, in 1977. The first AutoCAD release in 1982 used a Motorola 68000-based microprocessor.

In 1985, Autodesk acquired Dandelion Software and the application was renamed to AutoCAD. In 1992, the company introduced "AutoCAD R2", followed by AutoCAD LT, released in 1994.

Autodesk started the Autodesk Exchange in 1996, which allows users to share documents, drawings, and tools among users of the same version of AutoCAD.

By the mid-1990s, the company had sold more than 2 million copies of AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT. In 2002, the company launched the OpenCAD Project, and in 2005 the company began a comprehensive redesign of AutoCAD called "AutoCAD Next".

In 2005, Autodesk released AutoCAD WS for the Microsoft Windows platform.

AutoCAD 2009 followed in 2006, introducing an updated user interface and support for Windows XP.

In 2007, Autodesk released AutoCAD LT 2009.

In 2008, Autodesk introduced a new concept of streaming apps to the market, named the cloud technology. In this, customers can access their drawing from anywhere, on any device. In 2012, Autodesk launched the cloud app capability called On-Demand: this allowed users to access their drawing from anywhere, on any device using any connection.

In 2012, Autodesk launched AutoCAD LT 2012 to support Mac OS 10.7 Lion. This application contained updates to the interface, support for Mac OS 10

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Autodesk MCA also has many related products for video, animation, web, 3D animation, engineering design, healthcare, manufacturing, gaming, training, architecture, construction, marketing, and other industries.

More recent developments include API-based tools and development of CAD applications via direct Internet access from mobile applications.

AutoCAD is available for sale or on-site license for a single workstation. For multiple workstations, a multi-user (or network) license is available which is suitable for usage in a business. An enterprise license (for multiple companies) is also available for a specific number of users. AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD R2014 (AutoCAD LT for network) are also available for multi-user and enterprise licensing. Subscription is available for AutoCAD LT.

A yearly subscription can be obtained for AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT. The annual fee includes the software, updates, all online services, and the Mobile Apps. A network subscription includes unlimited licensing for network users.

As an alternative to a yearly subscription, customers can subscribe to the AutoCAD cloud service at a reduced price for access to online data repositories (as of AutoCAD 2015).

AutoCAD programs have varied licensing features. AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT, originally sold as $5,000 each, have since been reduced to $4,000 and $3,000, respectively. Many D-Base products have no license fees; rather, they are subject to a percentage of sales. Subscription fees vary, but are often a small fraction of the software price. AutoCAD can be distributed by a system integrator as a "turnkey solution".

AutoCAD LT can be purchased outright for a non-network license. AutoCAD can be distributed as a turnkey solution. In addition to its standard single-workstation license, AutoCAD LT allows for 100% online usage, also known as cloud computing. AutoCAD LT Enterprise is available with a network license, which allows sharing of libraries, print coverage, and specifications. AutoCAD can be used to create networks and workstations connected over the Internet.

Starting with AutoCAD 2013, all AutoCAD workstations have a specific license number. AutoCAD workstations with different license numbers can share the same libraries and workbenches.

AutoCAD LT has two releases

AutoCAD 24.2 Registration Code

Open "Find Filter" application
Click on "New Search" button.

Enter the keygen path into the field "Find Path" and
click on "Find" button.

Click on "Filter Files" button to load files.

Click on "Highlight" button to make a row selected.

Click on "Print" button to display a print window.
Make sure "Overwrite" check box is unchecked.

Click on "Save..." button.

Click on "OK" button to save the file to the folder
"C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Autocad 2010\filter".

Click on "OK" button to save the file.

Launch "Find Filter" again.

Click on "New Search" button.

Enter the registry key into the field "Find Path" and
click on "Find" button.

Click on "Filter Files" button to load files.

Click on "Highlight" button to make a row selected.

Click on "Print" button to display a print window.
Make sure "Overwrite" check box is unchecked.

Click on "Save..." button.

Click on "OK" button to save the file to the folder

What's New in the?

With AutoCAD 2023, you can add feedback from any source, including paper and PDFs, into your drawings with just a few clicks.

Markup Assist can markups and textboxes that are on a paper or PDF document.

You can import these markers as layers in your drawing. You can import textboxes, diagrams, tables, and other types of symbols. You can also import images. (video: 8:30 min.)

Also, for the first time, you can draw new symbols with Markup Assist, importing parts from other drawings.

Layer Notes:

You can now set comments and notes to any layer or drawing object.

Use layer notes to explain the purpose of objects or to convey information about how objects are supposed to be used.

A note that you create can be used to provide feedback for revisions of your work.

When you add a note to a layer, it displays at the bottom of the layer. You can also add notes to each object in the layer.

You can also add comments to the drawing in order to mark important information.

When you add a comment to a drawing, it shows at the top of the drawing. You can see the comment at a glance when you open the drawing.

New 3D Elements:

You can create new 3D elements, including a light bulb, ball, cube, sphere, cone, cylinder, funnel, cup, helix, hexagon, octagon, pillar, prism, pyramidal, and a tube.

You can import parts of these new elements into your drawings.

They work like the existing 3D elements.

The new 3D elements have improved parametric properties.

Improved Layers and Views:

The new linear and angular line styles enable you to draw linear and angular lines quickly and easily, similar to what you can do in Adobe Illustrator. You can also apply multiple lines of a single style.

You can define the width of the stroke, and you can change its color and pattern.

You can create and modify views easily. You can set the column on which a view is based, and you can define the spacing between views. You can set the number of views in the view window. (video: 11:30 min.)

New View Types:

You can now

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8
Processor: 1.6 GHz processor
Graphics: 128MB
DirectX: Version 9
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive: 250MB
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
Keyboard: Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000, Model number: CT2600
Mouse: Microsoft IntelliPoint
Installation Notes:
1. Extract the game with Winrar and run the.exe2. Install the game and launch

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